Saturday 20 November 2010

Seth David Chernoff and Gerald Balone Explain How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

David Seth Chernoff has had life threatening cancer twice. It did not beat him though. In fact, he took it by the horns and used it to better himself. He saw it as an opportunity to grow and from it came the kind of self-actualization all of us who are ex-offenders seek. 

Gerald Balone participated in a horrible crime some 40 years ago. He spent 37 of those years in prison. He now holds two master's degrees and has a successful ministry. 

"Both men are perfect examples of what we are capable of." said host, Rodney Mathers. " All ex-offenders should hear these interviews." 

Rodney goes on to say, "Some people might say they beat the odds. I don't believe that. I believe the odds are only what obstacles we arbitrarily place in front of us. Both of these men refused to set barriers to their potential. The results are obvious. They now thrive in lives that are full of meaning and purpose." 

Rodney interviews both men on this week's episode of Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers. 

The Journey Of Hope With Rodney Mathers is weekly podcast that addresses the issues faced by men and women after incarceration. 

Check out Rodney's interviews with Seth Davis Chernoff and Gerald Balone at

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