Saturday 20 November 2010

For all my haters...

to be a hater is to descriminate or hate something, someone, or a certain type of something.

If the world didn't have haters then it would be a better place. a much better place.

I mean not that there aren't assholes in the world. to hate somethings is good. i hate poverty, war, and bad shit like that. just try to have some morals, people.
PLEASE don't be haters! 
don't hate gays 
don't hate lesbians 
don't hate Straights 

don't hate blacks 
don't hate Asians 
don't hate Middle Eastern People 
don't hate whites 

don't hate Jews 
don't hate Christians 
don't hate Musilms 
don't hate Hindus 
don't hate buhudists 
don't hate pagans 
don't hate agnostics 
don't hate atheiests 

don't hate other people

Don't think your hating bothers me, I am a bigger person!

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