Friday 19 November 2010

Reach out to the Scott sisters

Last week, we asked you to fight for the Scott sisters' freedom.

This week, we need your help fighting for their wellbeing.

Since 1993, Gladys and Jamie have been locked away from their friends and family. They were convicted of being accomplices in a robbery of $11 and have served 16 years in prison -- even though the teenagers who actually committed the crime served only two years.

As the holiday season approaches, this horrific injustice is even more upsetting. There will be no meals around the dinner table for the Scott sisters. No present exchanges. No parties.

But the Scott sisters do receive notes and letters -- and it would mean so much to them if they heard from you. Send a short message of support and encouragement to Gladys and Jamie to help them get through one more holiday, until justice is restored:

The extremity of the Scott sisters' case makes it unique. But the injustice that they are experiencing is something the NAACP has been battling for more than 100 years.

The fact remains: The criminal justice system in America still disproportionately subjects people of color to unfair sentencing guidelines. Gladys and Jamie Scott are just one example of the countless men and women punished by this shameful truth.

That is why we are fighting for the Scott sisters -- so that no one has to experience this kind of injustice in the future.

Let Gladys and Jamie know that you're still there for them. Send your message of support and tell them why you are fighting:

Thank you for giving the Scott sisters a reason to celebrate this season.

Robert Rooks
Director of Criminal Justice

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