Friday 26 November 2010

Cyber Stalking and Harassment Self-Help

Our Cyber911 Help line is NOT intended to replace law enforcement emergency 911, 999 or other numbers worldwide. It is to help people know where to contact our Internet Response Team if they are being victimized online and to provide help when help is required.

The following self-help presentation has been developed by the experienced members of the Wiredsafety Internet Response Team to help you find information quickly about how to put a stop to your Cybercrime problem.

We understand that you are probably upset, frightened and worried at the moment and not sure what to do next, so we do ask you to look at this self-help presentation which will enable you to quickly find immediate help and advice on what you can do.

How to contact the Internet Response Team via the 911 Report Form

If, after following the advice given, your problem still persists please use the 911 report form submission given at the end of the self-help pages to contact our Internet Response Team. Please note that the form MUST be completed in full for a volunteer to respond to you.

Problems to do with cybercrime are handled on a one-to-one basis by e-mail only, by one of the experienced trained members of the Wired Patrol Internet Response Team. Please note that it can take from a few hours up to 2 days to provide a personalised tailored response depending on the complexity of your case.

Before completing a report form please ensure that you have read, and followed, the advice given in these guidelines.

We are not a law enforcement agency. You MUST contact the police if you suspect a crime has taken place, a death threat has been made, or if you feel that you are at risk in real life.

Self help for under 18's:

Victims in the UK can visit our web site at: where there is more UK law based advice.

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