Saturday 20 November 2010

Lebanon County Corrupt Judges

Pamela Kilmer, 53, originally from Myerstown, PA, was forced to flee with her son, Marshall, when he was 5½ years old in order to seek the protection he so desperately needed. This was only after 5 long years of trying to get him protected legally in the Lebanon County system from his abusive father, Robert Wasko, 51, from Richland, PA. Judge John Tylwalk still maintains Marshall's name on the NCIC Missing Person's list even though he knows full well that he is being legally protected by the government of Puerto Rico. Marshall did not get protected in the Lebanon County system because of the strong political connections the late paternal grandfather, Donald Wasko, had with the judges and the District Attorney.
Marshall is the grandson of John and Gerry Kilmer, both deceased, Myerstown, PA. 
Click on the link below (or go to and search for the title) to hear more outrageous truths in the You Tube video titled:
It is time for the good people in Lebanon County to come together, and do something to stop the corruption in the Lebanon County system before more people's lives are ruined. The Court has gone way too far by forcing a mother to send her child to a pedophile for 5 years. All the while, when strong credible evidence was presented for court, that by the Rules of Court should have been used to protect the child, the judge would either disregard or not allow it in his court. 
The District Attorney at the time, Daniel Ehrgood, refused to help Kilmer when Robert Wasko offered money to two men, on two different occasions, the second time the price went up, to kill her. The police refused to help Kilmer when Wasko mailed her a death threat, which was a Federal offense. It was proven in court that Wasko did this, so why isn't the system making Wasko held accountable for his crimes? Instead the Court had turned Kilmer into a criminal 'Wanted by the FBI' and placed her son on the NCIC Missing Persons list when she fled with her son in order to stop the abuse and protect their lives. 
Help stop the 'good old boys' network in Lebanon County. For those who don't want to believe this happens read the recent news article on what is happening in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. at:

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