Saturday 20 November 2010

DMX back in jail

DMX was arrested on a felony charge of violating his parole on Thursday, reports MTV News. According to reports, the MC was picked up and jailed for not checking in with his probation officer.

"He just didn't check in with his probation officer, and it's just a matter of him not following the rules," manager Nakia Walker told MTV News on Friday. She confirmed that the rapper is being held without bail until a probation-revocation hearing, which is scheduled for next Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time the embattled star has been in jail. When asked why he often ends up in the slammer, Walker said, "Because he's not perfect. This is a difficult time in his life. He's going through some things. ... Sh-- happens. I can't tell you why he makes the decisions to do the things that he does. Other than that, there's no real excuse for it. When you don't follow the rules, there's consequences."

He has been out on parole on an assault conviction. This is his sixth arrest in Maricopa County, which has been hishome for ten years.

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