Friday 4 February 2011


In 2001, Jamie Snow was wrongfully convicted for the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant during an apparent robbery at the Clark Super 100 Station located at 802 E. Empire St. in Bloomington, Illinois.

Case Summary: This violent and senseless crime occurred in Bloomington, Illinois on Easter Sunday 1991. The murderer walked away with a total of $30, as Jamie Snow ate dinner with his children. The tragedy was compounded when, after several years without a clear suspect, Jamie Snow was arrested and improperly charged by police and prosecutors willing to convict him by any means necessary, even after passing a polygraph exam.

The conviction was only possible using testimony of unreliable witnesses, many who had their own legal issues, people easily coerced into accepting deals, some more than willing to give false testimony. A plethora of jailhouse informants claimed that Snow “confessed” to them while awaiting trial. Many of which have now recanted their testimonies in sworn affidavits. There has never been any physical evidence tying Jamie Snow to this case. Information has also come forward that at least one jury member knew Jamie Snow and did not inform the court of same.
Jamie has spent the last 11 years in prison fighting to present new evidence demonstrating his innocence. The original trial violated his constitutional rights in several ways, many which stem from a lack of representation by his public defender, who presented little to no defense. Not surprisingly, this attorney has since been disbarred, yet Jamie's conviction remains. With an over-zealous prosecution and no proper defense, Snow had no more chance at trial than William Little did when faced with an armed gunman.

The Prosecution relied on one “star witness” who provided critical eye-witness identification. Yet this same witness was UNABLE to identify Snow in photo books or during a line-up which occurred soon after the crime. It wasn't until 1999, 8 years later and AFTER Snow's arrest, that the "star witness" identified Snow upon seeing his photograph in a local newspaper. Only at the trial, 10 years after the fact, did the "star witness" speak of Snow's "eyes" being "unforgettable," yet he had seen Jamie in numerous close up photos and the in person line-up not long after the incident occurred.

Approximately 4 years after conviction police radio tapes disclosed to Snow that "star witness" could NOThave seen what he testified to seeing.
Jamie has always maintained his innocence, and continues to do so.

==================THE FACTS==================
  • Jamie Snow PASSED a POLYGRAPH exam before arrest because HE DID NOT COMMIT THIS CRIME.

  • There is NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE linking Jamie Snow to this tragic crime

  • The prosecution's "star witness" FAILED to identify Jamie during an in-person line up shortly after the crime, and numerous photo books over the years. He did NOT identify him until 8+ YEARS LATER

  • This LIFE SENTENCE was unreliable witness testimony from "jailhouse informants" receiving deals for lighter sentences

  • Even the first police officer on the scene has submitted a sworn affidavit DISPUTING the "star witness testimony

  • More than 15 WITNESSES for the prosecution have RECANTED THEIR TESTIMONY in sworn affidavits

  • The public defender assigned by the State to Jamie's case has since been DISBARRED
A FAILED DEFENSE and IMPROPER PROSECUTION has resulted in a man serving more than 11 years for a crime HE DID NOT COMMIT. The murderer of William Little REMAINS FREE as Jamie Snow is locked behind bars FOR LIFE.
NEW! WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you were a victim of prosecutorial misconduct in McLean County during the 1993 - 2006 timeframe, please send us your information. If you have ANY informationconcerning this crime, including the distribution of reward monies, similar cases, misconduct, etc., please contact us: 1-888-815-9299 or

NEW! We were able to obtain Lie Detector tests from the State taken from two jailhouse informants that testified against Snow. However, the State refuses to give us the results - they are noticeably absent. Although it is clear they are asking specifically about Snow's alleged "confession" to them concerning this crime. As far as we know, they no longer requested these tests after receiving the results of these - whatever they were.

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