Wednesday 9 February 2011

Novartis Scam:Whistleblower's Career-Ending Expose

Article reproduced with full permission from author.

(September 27, 2010) Whistle-blowers aren't always celebrated.
Sometimes they're crushed.

In the Spring of 2006, I became a pharmaceutical corporatewhistle blower.

In February of that year, I had recruited a law firm with experience in pharmaceutical whistle blower lawsuits inBoston, which is a top place to file and submit pharmaceutical whistle blower cases. They agreed to represent me after I submitted a ten page document to them I composed- explaining why the wrongdoing of my employer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, needed to be addressed. They represented me on complete contingency, which meant that they would not be paid if they did not succeed in the whistle blower lawsuit they were submitting for me.

The law firm submitted the whistle blower lawsuit against Novartis in April of 2006. And it was filed under seal, which means that I and my legal council cannot discuss the case whatsoever. It's a trick played by the D.O.J., to eliminate the possibility of media contact.

Dan Abshear

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