Wednesday 2 February 2011

Justice Sotomayor Speaks Out

It’s always a thrill when one of The Nine mixes with commoners, as Sonia Sotomayor did on Monday, speaking to students at the University of Chicago Law School.
Sotomayor, we have gleaned, is livelier than many who have ascended to her jurisprudential heights.
On Monday, she chided Chief Justices Roberts’s views on race and offered some observations about information overload. (Here are accounts from the Chicargo Tribune, AP and NYT.)
While the first Hispanic on the court, Sotomayor said her goal was not to advance the rights of any particular minority groups.
Still, she took issue with a 2007 opinion in which Roberts limited the right of schools to consider race in admissions, writing “the way to stop discriminating on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”


But Sotomayor called that approach “too simple,” NYT reports. “I don’t borrow Chief Justice Roberts’s description of what colorblindness is,” she said. “Our society is too complex to use that kind of analysis.”
She also noted that her favorite moments at Yale Law School where when she was chillaxing (not her word) with fellow Yalies over coffee and soda while discussing daily events and classes, the AP reports. Her fear, she said, is that students today never take time to unplug. “It’s hard to order importance when there’s so much coming in,” she said.
And to prospective clerks, Sotomayor had this message: less is more. “I want a passion. I don’t look at the kid who has 1,000 things on their resume,” she said. “Do you ever just stop and breathe? Do you ever go to a movie?”

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