Wednesday 2 February 2011

Creep Prosecutor Offered Five Women Leniency In Exchange For Sex

Creep Prosecutor Offered Five Women Leniency In Exchange For SexWhat is it with county prosecutors and sexual favors? Five Tennessee women say that, as Hawkins County assistant DA, Doug Godbee offered them leniency in exchange for sex. One of the women was only 18.
According to local news reports, three of the five women said they had sex with Godbee believing they would get lighter sentences, mostly for drug charges, and one said he told her she would get prison time if she didn't have sex with him. One of the women was the mother of a drug offender.

Godbee resigned in September after the first allegations were made. The women are seeking compensation from the state ranging from $150,000-$300,000, and the women's attorney says a sixth plaintiff is about to come forward.
Oh, and of course — there are texts. And According to the Knoxville Times-News, this isn't even Godbee's first sex scandal: "He had previously resigned in November 2006 after a female victim of a crime that he prosecuted came forward with allegations that she and Godbee had a brief affair." If only everyone got those kinds of second chances.

Irin Carmon

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