Thursday 20 January 2011

Kwayera Jackson Saved My Life

People let us be mindful of one another. Allow ourselves to be molded in the image of God so that will can allow our hearts to forgive. Just remember we will all stand before the King and every knee is going to bend and every head is going to bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord. For those who don't know Kwayera K. Jackson, I’d liked to take a moment to let you know how special he is to me.

It took Kwayera losing his life in jail to give me hope to live this life out here. I don't let many people look in my window of life these days, but its imperative that you know who I'm speaking of. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you, Kwayera K. Jackson.

Somehow I got in touch with Kwayera’s Mother, Keriomi; in speaking with her I learned that Kwayera was locked up. I started writing to him, and this man Kwayera K Jackson saved my life. His hand reached beyond those bars and held me. He asked me if there was one thing that I wanted to do, what would it be. I told him that I wanted to get my GED and go to college. He told me that nothing would hold me back but myself. Up until then I read on a 5th grade level, and I could not write well. Going to school was something that I always desired to do. I signed up to take my GED test, and over time passed everything but math. Kwayera helped me every step of the way. When I would go to visit Kwayera he would give me a hand-made math study guide (that he made for me), and he would help me understand the most complex problems.

Well guess what, with Kwayera’s help I passed that test. Now I'm in college getting my degree to become a Funeral Director. This young man has a healing spirit. Anyone that comes in contact with him will not leave away empty. I carry a 3.4 GPA because Kwayera took the time to believe in me. Thank God someone did.

Of all of the so-called love that was right at home, all the so-called friends that was around me...God chose this young man to be His instrument, and help heal me back to life.

There was a time when I wanted to end my life. I was going though a divorce, I was depressed, I had no self-respect, I was gambling all of my money away. I was feeling sorry for myself because not only was my husband cheating on me with every woman he laid his eyes on, I had also suffered from being raped by various members in my family as a child. When I reconnected with Kwayera, I was at a point of ending all the madness in my life.  Kwayera saved me from harming myself any further, and helped to turn my whole life around.

Kwayera you are a remarkable young man. God has not forgotten about you. Just trust and believe that he is preserving and refining you. I love you.

Humbly Submitted By,

Daronda Kinzey
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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