Monday 31 January 2011

Darlie Routier - Texas death row petition

In the early morning hours of June 6th 1996, Darlie Routier and her two sons, Damon and Devon were brutally attacked as they slept in their Rowlett Texas home. As of result of this attack, Damon and Devon died. Darlie was stabbed repeatedly, her throat slashed within 2mm of her carotid artery. 

Within hours of this horrid attack, the Rowlett Police Department focused on Darlie as being the attacker. No other persons were sought in the double murder of Damon and Devon Routier. The State of Texas believed Darlie Routier killed her sons, stabbed herself repeatedly and slashed her own throat. Darlie was convicted in Kerrville Texas and sentenced to death row. Her trial was media based so she was unfairly convicted of murder. 

We the undersigned believe that the State of Texas and the Rowlett Police Department had not investigated the crime properly. Evidence was contaminated at the crime scene by the Rowlett Police Department. The first expert on the scene told the police that the crime scene was contaminated and so the Rowlett Police decided not to hire him. 

We ask that the State of Texas re-open the case of Darlie Routier. We ask that she be granted a new trial so sufficient evidence and DNA testing can prove her innocence. Darlie Lynn has a right to be home with her remaining son Drake, and family members. We believe a terrible injustice has been bestowed upon Darlie Lynn Routier. 

We ask the State of Texas to investigate the wrong doings of the Rowlett Police Department, i.e., the illegal bugging of her sons grave sites, officers taking the 5th on the stand at the trial, not following leads because they had their mind set it was Darlie Routier, these are just a few examples of the poor investigation. 

We ask that the State of Texas examine evidence and test ALL DNA and that will prove Darlie Lynn Routier to be an innocent VICTIM of this tragedy. 

Evidence that supports her innocence includes: 
* bloody fingerprint at crimescene that did not
match any family members or police 

* bloody sock 75 yards down the alley from the
house found within an hour that has boys and
Darlie\'s DNA on it as well as a limb hair and
deer hair

* 911 tape played at trial had portions removed 
that jury did not hear that strongly supports
Darlie\'s innocence

* unidentified facial and pubic hairs at

* Darlie\'s nightshirt that has not been tested 
for DNA . 

DARLIE LYNN ROUTIER IS AN INNOCENT WOMAN ON DEATH ROW IN TEXAS. Darlie has never admitted to this crime and never will because she simply didn\'t do it. Please help her. 


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