Friday 31 December 2010

Terrance Bowman-Taylor - He asks you read his story

For over three years Mr. Terrance Taylor #0539901 has been removed from Death Row housing and continuously denied constitutional medical care and kept on Unit 1 M-Con indefinitely. Terrance has not been sent to the neuro-surgeon even though numerous requests have been made. He wrote to the NC Medical Board, but they said that it didn't appear that Dr. Lightsey has violated the Medical Practice Act.

Mr. Taylor went to the dentist again for his teeth and gums that have been giving him problems and the dentist referred him to a specialist, but visits to any specialist for any reason has been repeatedly denied.

Terrance received an ultrasound on his Thyroid gland on 10-15-10 and a blood test on 10-17-10. Dr. Lightsey has said that he believes that Terrance has Graves Disease but yet he is still refusing to treat him for such. Instead the nurse tried to give him ear drops when he didn't complain of having any type of ear trouble. The test on Terrance's Thyroid has shown that the Thyroid is not functioning properly and that there may be cancer in the gland. Mr. Taylor's family has tried and is still trying to get a copy of these medical documents, but they are not releasing these to them. They have sought help and are asking for any help that can be given. How can the doctor prescribe medication without treating a patient or sending them for treatment?

No one has addressed the issue of Terrance's spinal injuries and other health problems. Recently Mr. Taylor was deemed, by the doctor, to be physically unable to operate a broom or mop because of his spinal and other orthopedic injuries. Help is still being denied for these problems.
Mr. Taylor reports that he is failing in health and has been told that "he is on death row and nothing will be done for him." This not only violates the US Constitution, but morality and decency. A human being is suffering and the suffering extends to the family and their fight to get health care for a very ill loved one.

Recently, his family contacted Mr. Lee. He is the director of health for the prison. He said that since "Mr. Taylor is residing in "unit 1, maximum control" he will "not" be given the appropriate needed treatments” and if they didn’t like how things are done they are to contact Dr. Paula Smith.

We are requesting your intervention to insure that the State of North Carolina does not continue to subject Mr. Taylor to what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and serves no penological purpose whatsoever.

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