Wednesday 8 December 2010

Wikileaks - Bradley Manning

We have all heard of the Wikileaks case, it is headline news all over the place. One young man called Bradley Manning has been accused of leaking all the documents from Operation Iraq Liberation, the last decade of the decades long Afghan War, Collateral Murder and the US State Department’s memos that has gotten all that trouble. 

He’s been in solitary confinement since May 2010. 
His mother is forbidden access to him. 
He faces 50+ years in prison. 

This message is from the person who asked me to post this: 

Find out more about Bradley 

We Stand with Bradley Manning 
We stand for truth, for government transparency, and for an end to our tax-dollars funding endless occupation abroad... 

Please show Bradley he is not alone. 

There is a FB cause for Bradley, please consider joining and showing your support.

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